Five of the Most Common Computer Problems

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Computers are great when they are working properly but as soon as they start to misbehave we start to panic. There are approximately five most common problems that occur with computers, they are they become sluggish, freezup/lockup, turn off, make weird noises and overheat. There is a solution to these problems and with regular maintenance most computer problems can be fixed.

Five of the Most Common Computer Problems

Slow- A slow computer can be caused cluttered files, too many programs running at the same time. The solution is to clean out all unwanted files, the gaming devices etc., do a disc clean and a defragmentation. Go to the start menu, and then programs, accessories and system tools and you will find it there. Save any excess photos, videos and documents on a flash drive to open up space on the computer. You can also use a registry repair or registry cleaning  software as well. Also run an antivirus program on the computer to check for viruses, spyware or malware.

Freeze- a computer freezes due to too many programs running, or a lack of memory, or overheating. Solve this by adding more RAM if necessary, clean files, defragmenting, do a pc tune up.

Computer turns off- This can happen due to inactivity for long periods of time or overheating, or a system problem. If it is just the sleep mode kicking in too soon, go to start, control panel, options and change the setting to stay on longer before going into sleep mode.

Weird Noises- Noises can come from anywhere, keyboard sticking, broken fan, pc microphones problems, hard drive issues etc. Check everything for abnormal noise. Clean the power supply, clear dust, check HD may need to be changed or fan. If it is undetectable take it to a technician for evaluation.

Overheating - This can be due to a broken fan, clean it if it is not working replace it or for laptops you can get a cooling fan to put underneath. A computer when it is acting up and turning off, slowing down, making noises or overheating, examine it and see what the problem is, is it a software issue or a hardware issue. Do a registry repair and registry cleaning, do a pc tune, fix your pc, use antivirus software and stop the computer from being slow if possible. Regularly maintain and take care of your computer parts and it will run for a long time.

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