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I possess a cisco 800 sequence 871 router?

Can I reset it back again to default without having heading into terminal? Also can i use a kitten five cable television such as the console cable television to enum for the router? I’m utilizing minicom on linux to connect using the router but not obtaining something but I'm utilizing a kitten five

A: You will require a serial cable. Unless the router may be configured with therapy capability's and so on you will require a dedicated serial cable television to connect for the console port.

I advise you acquire console login prior to attempting to ascertain any other sort of link from it. Once you have logged in (If you don't desire to use a terminal obtain a various router, have confidence in me on this)
from enabled mode:

# obvious startup-config
# reload

How do I configure a few of routers related to separate ports on the modem to connect with every other?

I possess a T1 modem with four ethernet ports on it. I possess a Cisco 871 router that is related to port a single for the modem.

I would want to include a Linksys router to port a few of for the T1 modem and arrive at connect using the Cisco 871 router and all equipment which are related to it and vice versa.

How do I do this? How can you clarify it in terrific detail? Thanks.
Additional Details:

2 ports for the Cisco 871 router are configured with their personal VLANs.
I attempted hooking up the Linksys router to among the switches, but for some purpose the network connectivity to laptops that have been related for the Linksys was very slow. The change is unmanaged, through the way.

3 many years ago
Waiting, I didn't plug the router in to the switch. I plugged one more change in to the change and also the laptops that have been for the secondary change experienced slow network connectivity.

A: Wow this could get long... If you're hooking one more router up in to the network existing you must be sure that it is for the similar subnet and features a usable address. You say the ports for the router are on their personal VLAN? VLAN's are alternatives discovered on the switch, unless you imply which they are vlan trunks. What type of switches can you have? If they're not auto-sensing then you certainly may not be utilizing the proper cable television sort (straight-thru, crossover, etc...) I'm not positive why you'd hook up one more router in to the network though. The Cisco router really should supply you with all of the features you need. Based on how you possess the switches related you might be leading to a changing loop. There are rather several variables to carry into account.

Modem to router to change to change shouldn't be considered a problem, as prolonged as that 2nd change isn't during the router as well. Not sufficient data to definitely give a finish all solution. A single of people stuff you must see and be close to fix.

I desire to configure cisco 871 routers to set up Port mirroring. Please support me?

A: are you currently asking how to possess one more port see all of the site visitors from your other?

router#config t
router#(config)monitor session one supply interface
router#(config)monitor session one desired destination interface

Studying Cisco and also the utilization of Cisco 871 Router?
I desired to purchase a router to experiment with (and hopefully not break). although Packet Tracer is useful, I desire to get a whole lot more arms on exercise at home. I currently finished CCNA a few of but was some time ago and brush up on my router configuration expertise although executing CCNA3. This a single Cisco 871 Integrated solutions Router - CISCO871-K9 seemed to seem like inexpensive a single and possibly include the majority of my requires but I am not positive if it could include all must experiment with CCNA three and 4.

Can I show cisco 1841 program data on my PC?

I am new to cisco equipment, I possess a Cisco 1841. Initial is it feasible to show the router data on my PC. If so how can i connect the 1841 to my pc. As well as we can configure the router from my PC such as the linksys routers.

A: The Cisco routers undoubtedly are a qualified grade router and way outperform the lower finish household grade routers like Linksys.
The 1841 may be configured utilizing CLI (command collection interface) having a serial link and Hyperterminal on the glass windows computer. It may also be configured utilizing CLI utilizing the LAN port of your pc related to its LAN port.

Later types of 1841 also permit configuration by way of internet GUI interface. (You are acquainted with internet GUI since it could be the only promulgated mode for configurations on lower finish routers.)
We do not know which edition of firmware you have in your 1841 so we cannot inform you whether or not it facilitates the internet GUI mode or not. You show you are new to Cisco gear but you do not show this was a manufacturer new 1841.

The most excellent method to decide this would be to attempt to log onto it. You will require the individual title and password. If they are lost, you can perform a factory reset and use factory defaults.

How can we use three ADSL collection in Cisco Router 1841?

I have Cisco 1841 router. I currently set up a few of ADSL WIC in each slot out there on it. I want set up a single a whole lot more ADSL WIC as well on this router (3rd one)

Please allow me know any method to adopt three rd WIC card on it? If not, please allow me know, Is it out there 2port ADSL WIC?

A: Cisco doesn't create a few of collection ADSL WIC. You have a few of options:

1. Pull at the least among the WIC-1ADSL credit cards and set up a WIC-4ESW 4-port change and use outside DSL modems.
2. Upgrade to some Cisco 28xx sequence router that facilitates a whole lot more expansion cards.


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