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Q: What is computer file recovery?

A: It is titled, data recovery. Data recovery salvages information from failed, corrupted, or damaged hard disk drives, CDs, and various other electronics. Data recovery is also the course of action taken to retrieve and secure information from storage media for the purposes of spying such as in spy ware.

Q:  What can I do to prevent losing data again?

A: Back up your hard drive on to a CD/DVD, the cheap usb flash drives or an external drive as much as possible. Not only does this keep your information, pictures, and business documents safe, but then it will travel with you anywhere and is easily accessible.

Just a note: We live in an age of electrical data consumption by end users. End users collect data for commercial and sometimes personal use. Along with that comes the risk of computer viruses, trojan attacks, or corrupted files making your data inaccessible. Because so much of this is out of your control, there are several companies whose job it is to retrieve your lost or corrupted files.

Q:  Can I retrieve information I need from my recycle bin?

A:  Absolutely. Go to your recycle bin icon on your desk top and right click. Select file or folder and then use your cheap wireless mice to click restore. If you emptied your recycle bin recently you will need third-party software specializing in data retrieval.

Q: I have a new computer but I need to recover data from a crashed computer. How do I accomplish that?

A: Use a third party software data retrieval CD. Or, you may remove the hard drive from your crashed computer and get an adapter to hook up to the other computer as an external drive.

Q: Due to a power outage my computer failed. I can't find the business template I was working on. What can I do?

A: This is what is called logical damage. You may have to repeat your work, but first, run your de-fragment and disk check-up program. Continue to do this on a regular basis and it will help your computer to keep from defragmenting information you have not saved during a power outage. Also, a backup power system may be necsassary.

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