Why is My Computer Running So Slow - Easy Steps to Fix This Problem

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A new entree in the world of computer takes a person in different world. When he opens the different windows and different programs are displayed on the screen of the computer, he is unable to believe his eyes. He is unaware of the fact that all this is due to the installation of the windows. He doesn't know how the things go in and how they come out. If he does not have wide spread experience of the computer, he may not know what the computer registry is. A registry is a catalog for a computer. This registry is found in the form of window registry - windows 9 xs, Windows CE, Windows NT and so on.

When a person opens a program in the computer, computer asks the registry where that program has been stored. Registry is a reference to all the settings for operating the programs, user's file, document statements, details of the hardware and ports. In short, one can say that the storage of the matter which he installs into the computer and what he gets from the computer is registry. If he wants to change the registry, do it only if he has complete knowledge of it otherwise all the data registered in it will be blown away. He may have stored a lot of information in his computer but if he attempts to change the registry, he will lose that all. The explanation above is the first knowledge about "why is my computer running so slow?"


"Why is my computer running so slow?" is a headline you see advertised everywhere on the computer magazine. Computer, after all is a machine and at any time, it can stop to work like other automobiles or the machines. When the cells of our body become weak or are withered, they either stop to work or work slow. Similarly, in computer, it starts to work slowly. It takes much time to connect with the internet or open other window to work. At this juncture, computer needs repair like any other machines and it can be done very easily.

To find out the answer about "why is my computer running so slow?" you need only some steps further. A new computer's performance is really appreciable. It goes very fast but within the passage of time, its registry needs to be refreshed, occasional cleaning and reorganization is necessary. If the computer is registered under the repair software, it can recognize the problems and bring an end to them. It gives proper cleaning by removing unused files, icons, shortcuts, duplicate files and much more. Without cleaning registry, you may find efficiency of computers really to be slow.

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